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My philosophy on education is that the most important thing that a student can learn is to learn how to learn. Simply stated is that if a student knows how s/he learns, they can learn anything they want..... It is not about answers on a test nor is it about the recitation of dates and event, it is however, the mastery of specific skills that will enable the student to exhibit their grasp of any given topic.

Well, how do we accomplish this pardiem of Mastery? How do the studnents know when they have mastered a topic. And, most importantly, how does the student prove it. As the old adage says: the proof is in the pudding.

What kind of proof will we be seeking? Of course there are the standard evaluation instruments of homework assignments, quizzes and tests. But they are just a gauge of what the student has covered. They do not neccessarily show that they have mastered the topic. In order to prove mastery, the student must transform the "Knowledge" into something meaningful to them. This can be as simple as writing and essay or creating a cartoon or it could be a multi-media project like a powerpoint presentation or a role playing video.

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